Articles by Jessi Hackett

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows used to be rival mountains, but over time they’ve evolved into sister slopes. Now combined, the 3,600 skiable acres are hard to beat.

Onesies, banjos, and dreadlocked and bearded ski bums jam-packed the quaint western town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado the weekend of February 24—26, 2017 as musicians and music-lovers alike gathered for the sold out, Fifth Annual... more

When Wendy Fisher first came to the charming town of Crested Butte years ago, she was drawn to the mountain biking. Then, she stayed for the skiing. Known as one of the more picturesque Rocky Mountain ski towns, Crested Butte, Colorado is located... more

When the time came for the Warren Miller Entertainment production team to pack up the cameras and begin shooting our 68th film, we figured heading out to British Columbia for some powsurfing was a good plan.

One lap around the Colorado Convention Center during the Snowsports Industries America (SIA) Snow Show is enough to leave most people overwhelmed and overjoyed at the sight of so much new technology and ski gear.

I was at a resort recently, I won’t name names but a burger was going to cost me upwards of $18. Being that I try to avoid spending that much when I buy my weekly groceries (just kidding, kind of), I shuttered at the listed price. But I was so... more

Aaron Blunck is the youngest professional athlete featured in Here, There & Everywhere (2016).

Tyler Ceccanti remembers trecking over to Vashon Island when he... more

There is often an overlap in hobbies and a call for action for outdoor fanatics—a common link between recreation and conservation. Many athletes and adventure enthusiasts find a calling in protecting the very things that allow them to do whatever... more

With social media feeds idealizing hike-to terrain and adventure films glamorizing gnarly ascents coupled with flawless descents, much of today’s ski culture has an emphasis on backcountry or big mountain... more