S2E4: McKenna Peterson - Long Underwear Podcast

Commercial fishing as a family affair, the importance of keeping your hands forward, the Spice Girls, dreams of being on the LPGA Tour and stories of sockeye salmon that will make you cringe.


In Episode 4 of Season 2 of the Warren Miller Entertainment podcast, “Long Underwear”, host Amie Engerbretson was able to chat with a long-time gal pal and fellow female ripper, McKenna Peterson while the two were in Mürren, Switzerland.

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McKenna Peterson while filming in Val d'isere, France for the 2017 film, "Line of Descent". PC: Cristophe Hassel 

About the Athlete:

McKenna Peterson grew up in Ketchum, Idaho and Sun Valley is the resort she calls home. She has years of backcountry skiing and has a hefty amount of mountaineering experience. She has been featured in two Warren Miller films, both with Amie and Lexi duPont as her ski partners. And fun fact: McKenna’s mother was in a Warren Miller film in the early 80’s while filming up at Mike Wiegele’s Heliskiing in British Columbia.



 This episode of Long Underwear was brought to you with the help of our friends at OpenSnow.

No More “S” Word:

  • McKenna gives Amie the bird’s eye view of life on a 58-foot boat with four other people, her family history in commercial fishing and her own career as a seine fishing captain in southeast Alaska, which has allowed her to fish all summer and ski all winter.
  • From here, Amie and McKenna talk about mountain biking in Moab post-college and how luxurious a cup of coffee on a down day can really be.
  • Amie asks McKenna what the best and worst advice she’s ever received and the two discuss which of the Spice Girls they’d be. (Episode Fact Check: The Spice Girls announced in 2018 their reunion tour is scheduled  for the UK in Summer of 2019 )
  • McKenna discusses her love for golf and her dream of wanting to be on the LPGA in her alternate life.
  • Then, McKenna breaks down the high of completing the 2018 summer fishing season as her first full season as a fishing caption and talks about the highs and lows associated with becoming a homeowner.
  • Finally, to wrap it up, Peterson tells Amie the story of biting the nose off of a live salmon… spoiler: it was for good luck.  


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