Warren Miller Stock & Custom Footage

Warren Miller Entertainment is the most respected name in action-sports filmmaking, capturing the best of winter sports each year since 1949. In addition to producing and touring an international, award-winning feature-length snowsports film, Warren Miller Entertainment has a thriving television programming, development and production arm and is a leading source for four season action sports stock footage.

For more information on stock footage contact, Ian Anderson: ianderson@outsideinc.com





FAQ // Stock Footage

The Warren Miller library of stock footage from across the world includes vintage and contemporary ski action, scenic shots, and counter-seasonal reels like kayaking or climbing, and more your brand could utilize. We can also help customize and produce content to fit your brand messaging 

CUSTOM EDITS  - Warren Miller Entertainment can work with your brand to develop custom edits from this library of stock footage.

PRICING - Pricing is flexible, based on the usage of the content.

IMMEDIATE USE - With this stock footage library, WME has the ability to quickly transfer video files for immediate use. This is a great option if you don’t need production help or are looking for something that can be turned around quickly.

COMMERCIALS & PRODUCT VIDEOS - Warren Miller Entertainment can produce product videos or commercial projects complete with VO and custom graphics to meet brand objectives. We can shoot and produce running footage, in-the-field footage, product close-ups, and arrange studio shoots.

B-ROLL & FOOTAGE RIGHTS - Warren Miller Entertainment can grant b-roll and footage rights to partners from the film shoots. Partner will be responsible for editing and cannot sell the footage to any third-party vendors