Articles by Jessi Hackett

A winding, two-lane highway skirts a river lined by majestic lodgepole pine as I make my way Northeast from Kamloops, British Columbia.

This summer began with me buying a house over 20 miles from my desk at Warren Miller Entertainment. I knew this move had the potential of adding a total of 45 minutes (give or take) to my time spent sitting each day and could steal my daily... more

There is something to be said about the avoidance of spending money simply for the sake of spending money. Because after all, ski bum life is all about cutting expenses and saving for that multi-resort ski pass, those new sticks or that winter... more

For episode 8 and the finale of Season 2 of “Long Underwear”, host Amie Engerbretson interviews JT Holmes just days... more

For episode 7 of season 2 of the WME podcast, “Long Underwear”, Amie Engerbretson interviews fellow Squaw local, Jonny Moseley while the two are back at home in the Tahoe area.



For episode 6 of season 2 of our podcast, “Long Underwear”, Amie chats with professional skier and industry business leader, Julian Carr. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT, Julian didn’t begin skiing until he was in 8th... more

In Episode 5 or Season 2 of Warren Miller Entertainment’s (WME) podcast, “Long Underwear”, Amie visits with pro skier Tyler Ceccanti while they are both filming for WME’s 70th feature film in British Columbia with... more


In Episode 4 of Season 2 of the Warren Miller Entertainment podcast, “Long Underwear”, host Amie Engerbretson was able to chat with a long-time gal pal and fellow female ripper, McKenna Peterson while the two were in Mürren, Switzerland... more