S5E5: Elena Hight - Long Underwear Podcast

Snowboarding in Antarctica, balancing the mountains and the beach, keeping plants alive, why mentorships matter, and self-taught herbalism.

For episode 5 of season 5 of the “Long Underwear” Podcast presented by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, host Amie Engerbretson chats with snowboarding Queen, Elena Hight. 

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Elena Hight smiling at the camera while filming in Antarctica in November, 2019. Photo: Matt Hardy

About the Athlete 

Born in Hawaii and raised in Lake Tahoe, Elena was the first female to land a 900 in competition when she was only 13 years old. She went on to compete in the Snowboard Halfpipe in the Olympics, has medaled at the X-Games and was the first ever snowboarder (of any gender) to land a double backside alley-oop rodeo during a halfpipe competition.This year, Elena appears in her first ever Warren Miller film“Future Retro,” when she travels with fellow Protect Our Winter Ambassadors Danny Davis and Nick Russell to Antarctica. She is also releasing her own edit this fall, “Blank Canvas”. 


No More “S” Word:

  • Once the topic of snowboarding is off limits, Elena talks about living in Hawaii until she was six years old and what the balancing the energy of the mountains and the ocean and what each can offer us.

  • From there, the ladies discuss their love for slow mornings, how Covid has taught them how to take care of houseplants, and Elena talks about her blog Heart and how that endeavor opened her up to giving back to young girls through the Women’s Sports Foundation and her grant giving.

  • After that, Amie asks Elena about her cooking, her dream trips and Elena shares about the highs of buying a home in SoCal and studying herbalism and the lows of cancelling so much in 2020. 

  • To wrap it up, Elena shares a story about keeping up with the guys in Tavarua and winning a Poker Tournament against all odds. 


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