S5E4: Baker Boyd - Long Underwear Podcast

A brief history of Aspen ski gangs, choosing kindness, the power of hard work and confronting the loss of a best friend.

For episode 4 of season 5 of the “Long Underwear” Podcast presented by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, host Amie Engerbretson chats with Colorado local Baker Boyd. 

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Baker Boyd going big in Iceland for "Future Retro." 

About the Athlete 

Baker Boyd has called Aspen home for his whole life. As a local, is a member of the Freaks, an Aspen “ski gang” championed by the late Sam Coffey and committed to skiing fast and living a life centered around chasing turns.  Baker has now been in two Warren Miller films, including this fall’s “Future Retro.” His segment this year is especially awesome because it features a trip to Iceland with fellow Freak and longtime ski buddy, Victor Major. He was also recently featured in the first web episode from HEAD Freeskiing, “Shinrin-Yoku”. 

No More “S” Word:

  • Once the topic of skiing is off the table, Amie asks Baker about what he thinks his best quality is as a human and Baker talks about working hard both on starting a business and being a better person. 

  • After that, Baker and Amie discuss the power of choosing kindness, Baker’s current addiction to candy bars and espresso and surf trips to Europe.

  • From there, Baker tells Amie why he’d want to be an astrophysicist, an artist or a Formula 1 race car driver if he wasn’t a professional skier. 

  • Then, the two discuss the merits of the show “Yellowstone”, celebrity sightings in Aspen, the highs of starting a business and falling in love with biking and the lows of losing a good friend. 

  • Finally, it wouldn’t be a Long Underwear episode (so it would seem) if Baker didn’t wrap up the episode with a story about surfing. But really, he shares an awesome story about beautiful waves in Mundaka, Spain. 

Follow Baker on his adventures here.

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