S5E8: The Egan Brothers - Long Underwear Podcast

Expressing gratitude, Boston pranks, advice to their younger selves, and memories of skiing all day, every day.

For the eighth episode of season 5 of the “Long Underwear” Podcast, presented by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, host Amie Engerbretson sat down with Warren Miller and extreme skiing veteran athletes John Egan and Dan Egan

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About the Athletes 

John and Dan Egan, ,a.k.a. “The Egan Brothers,” grew up in Boston and learned to ski in New Hampshire and Vermont. They were spotted ripping around Sugarbush and were featured in their first Warren Miller film in the late 1970’s. They went on to make a career out of extreme skiing and starring in ski movies and were even inducted in the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame in 2016. Today, John still calls Sugarbush his home mountain while Dan spends his winters at Big Sky Resort. This year, for the first time in many years, the Egan brothers are back in a Warren Miller film and are featured in the Montana segment, skiing alongside Scot Schmidt and Tom Day in 2020’s  “Future Retro.” 


Dan Egan covered in Montana cold smoke while filming with Warren Miller Entertainment in late winter, 2020. Photo: Ian Anderson 

John Egan carves some nice turns at Big Sky Resort while skiing with his brother Dan, as well as fellow legends and old friends,Tom Day and Scot Schmidt. Photo: Ian Anderson 

No More “S” Word:

  • Once the topic of skiing is off the table, Dan and John discuss what their best qualities are beyond skiing and the brother discuss what it was like growing up in a family that had seven kids. 

  • From there, Amie asks what advice they would give their younger selves and Dan discusses the power of mentorship and hard work. 

  • After that, the brothers tell the story of when they were climbing over 15,000 feet in Russia in 1990 and were separated from each other and trying to navigate an extremely scary situation. 

  • Then, they talk about an amazing memory of skiing neck deep powder at Grand Targhee, how they used to ski all day and every day, and why these days, skiing together is extra special because they all live in different places. 

  • To wrap it up, John tells the story of when his little brother Dan and him thought a stick of butter was the best cheese they could get their hands on in Switzerland back in the day. 

Follow John here and here. And follow Dan here. And, be sure to check out their brand new book, “30 Years in a White Haze” coming out in January, 2021. 

The Egan brothers (on the right) stand next to the "ski bum" Warren Miller sketched back in the 1940's, along with Tom Day (far left) and Scot Schmidt while filming at Big Sky Resort. 

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