S5E9: Madison Rose Ostergren - Long Underwear Podcast

A rising ski star, cultivating growth and happiness through others’ success, the Wim Hof Method and the power of pushing past your comfort zone.

For episode 9 of season 5 of the “Long Underwear” Podcast, presented by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, host Amie Engerbretson chatted with up-and-coming professional skier, Madison Ostergren

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Madison Rose lives in Utah and is known for exploring the backcountry year-round. 

About the Athlete: 

Madison grew up in Traverse City, Michigan and learned to ski on a super small mountain with a tow rope but worked her way up the ranks of the Michigan ski racing scene. She often longed to ski bigger mountains and in 2013, her wish was granted when her entire family picked up and moved to Utah when Madison was accepted into a ski racing academy. Madison went on to ski race Division 1 at Westminster College in Utah and fell in love with powder skiing and backcountry exploration through her time out west. These days, she is working as a professional skier, growing her roster of sponsors, advancing her year-round mountaineering skills and exploring her creativity through ski filmmaking, photography and multimedia. 


Madison Rose carves a healthy turn at Grand Targhee Resort. PC: Stephen Shelesky @stephenshelesky 

No More “S” Word

  • Once the “s” word is off limits, Madison talks to Amie about why mentorship and sharing your passions with others is important and why being happy for others’ success is a key ingredient for your own success. 

  • From there, the two discuss Madison’s love for singing karaoke, playing the ukulele and how music helped her do better in school and how it impacts her daily life. 

  • After that, Amie asks Madison about what her alternate dream life would look like and Madison talks about her other dream of becoming a rock star and her dream of being in a flash mob.  

  • Moving on, Madison explains how she has adapted a farm trough for ice baths and she tells Amie the highs of being closer to family and slowing down throughout the COVID era and the low of seeing other people suffer during this trying time. 

  • To wrap it up, Madison tells the story of that time her and fellow athlete Jim Ryan decide to spend the night in an ice cave in the middle of Wyoming. 

You can follow Madison’s adventures here.

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