2021 Independent Promotions Program Starts in mid-August 2021

**2021 UPDATE**

We will be starting up our Independent Promotions Program for the 2021 film in mid-August so if you are interested in hosting a show, please fill out the info form below and send that to chostetter@outsideinc.com. Our new I.P. Coordinator will be starting in mid-August and will begin booking shows at that time. In the interim, we encourage you to place holds on dates at your theaters but hold off on signing any contract until you have a contract in place with us. Insurance will be required so we encourage you to inquire about those costs with your venues now. 

Don't see a show near you? Help us bring the latest Warren Miller film to your neck of the woods. Shoot us an email and we'll help you bring the excitement of the new ski/snowboard season to you and your fans!

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ABOUT: Each year, Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) produces a feature-length ski and snowboarding film.  Even though we tour the film throughout the country, we rely on the support of Independent Promoters like you to reach communities beyond the scope of our National Tour.  We hope you choose to become a part of the Warren Miller film tour and promote our 72nd annual feature film (Title is TBD)...or one of our classic films. See what Feature Films are available.

As we start to work up changes for the next season we encourage you to start to look at venue rentals at this time of the year. Theaters are booking out their fall dates already so try and get some holds on dates at your favorite venue. We are aiming for another mid-October release date. Remember you will want at least a few weeks to advertise your show and sell tickets. 

WHEN: Our 72nd feature film will be released for shows booked after Oct. 27th, 2021. 

HOW: Warren Miller Entertainment will provide the movie on BluRay. We will also provide promotional materials, including posters, flyers, press kits, radio spots, etc. You select the venue, place the advertising, gather sponsors, sell the tickets and run the show.  WME is available for consultation but the arrangements and presentation are up to you! Here are a some notes from current promoters that can help. Timeline of Events for a promoterModel for a successful IP Show


COST: Upfront guarantee/deposit versus a percentage of Gross Ticket Sales, whichever is greater.  We customize our contract costs based on your shows details. In order to give you a quote, we need to know the following: Show location, seating capacity, type of screening (public or private), number of showings, and ticket price. These details will give us a more accurate look at our upfront costs so we know what it will take to cover your show.  

WHY: Great fundraiser and marketing tool for your community, company, organization or group; or just a good way to make some money doing something unique and fun!

If you are interested in presenting a Warren Miller film in the fall of 2021 or beyond, please send us your info via the form and email address below.

Independent Promotions Coordinator / Cara Hostetter / chostetter@outsideinc.com /

FILL OUT OUR FORM HERE TO REQUEST MORE INFO ABOUT HOSTING A SHOW - Please email completed forms to chostetter@outsideinc.com