2023 Independent Promotions Program

Don't see a show near you? Help us bring the latest Warren Miller film to your neck of the woods. Shoot us an email and we'll help you bring the excitement of the new ski/snowboard season to you and your fans!

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ABOUT: Each year, Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) and Outside produce a feature-length ski and snowboarding film. In 2023, we will be reimagining the future of what we affectionately call "The Official Start of Winter". In addition to showcasing content from various up and coming filmmakers in our annual presentation, we will also be presenting a look back at the last 74 years of Warren Miller ski films to highlight the amazing journey of Warren's vision. With tens of thousands of hours of previously unseen content, we are excited to edit a movie giving credit to all those who brought the film company to where it lives today...and then we'll launch the next 75 years with a 2024 presentation of the future of ski/snowboard movies. It is going to be a 2 year celebration of all things ski/snowboard movies and Warren Miller Entertainment which is sure to entertain audiences who love winter as much as we do. 

Our National Tour will be locking in the dates/locations that we protect and operate throughout the spring/summer. Once those events have been secured, we'll open up now available markets to the I.P. Program.

WHAT: Our current program only supports presentations of our latest production however we are looking into ways to provide licensing for our older films via new distribution methods. We will post news here should we be able to make older films available. 

WHEN: Our 74th event will be available for shows that take place after Nov. 1, 2023 (for North American I.P. shows only. International availability varies by location )

HOW: Warren Miller Entertainment will provide the movie on BluRay. We will also provide promotional materials, including posters, flyers, press kits, radio spots, etc. You select the venue, place the advertising, gather sponsors, sell the tickets and run the show.  WME is available for consultation but the arrangements and presentation are up to you! (more notes in the Help section below)

FORMAT: BluRay (In 2023, we are researching ways to provide digital delivery however due to security concerns and quality of playback, we are offering BluRay as our only disc format. DVD is no longer an available option)

COST: Upfront guarantee (with a deposit) versus a percentage of Gross Ticket Sales, whichever is greater.  We customize our contract costs based on your show's details. In order to give you a quote, we need to know the following: Show location, seating capacity, type of screening (public or private), number of showings, and ticket price. These details will give us a more accurate look at our upfront costs so we know what it will take to cover your show. More on this below

WHY: Great fundraiser and marketing tool for your community, company, organization or group; or just a good way to make some money doing something unique and fun!

HELP: Here are a some notes from current promoters that can help. Model for a Successful I.P. ShowTimeline of Events for a promoter

If you are interested in presenting a Warren Miller film in the fall of 2023 or beyond, please send us your inquiry with the following details to check on market availability. 

Please email this info to Rosalie Lundquist, IP@warrenmiller.com (i.p. as in Independent Promoter), 303-253-6365

Venue City-



Company Name-

Primary Contact Name- 


Email for billing/contract contact-

Billing Address-

Shipping Address (if different from Billing Address)

-Are you a new promoter with us or have you or your business previously hosted a show with us?

Providing this info in only a request. We may have ongoing negotiations with an existing promoter in your region but we will give you any available option upon learning of your show details.