S2E6: Julian Carr - Long Underwear Podcast

Massive cliff drops, success outside of skiing, baby dragons, Steely Dan and why most of his products are named after computer science terminology.


For episode 6 of season 2 of our podcast, “Long Underwear”, Amie chats with professional skier and industry business leader, Julian Carr. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT, Julian didn’t begin skiing until he was in 8th grade (proof it’s never too late to start).


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Host Amie Engerbretson and Julian Carr in SLC, April 2019. 


About the Athlete:

Growing up, Julian played multiple sports and rode his skateboard around his home city. Today, Julian has a knack for visualizing lines on skateboards, skis and arguably anything in his day-to-day life. He’s been in seven Warren Miller films, including “Like There’s No Tomorrow” and most recently, “Chasing Shadows”. He’s known for his big airs off of massive cliff faces and is even featured as the subject in the photo that won gold in the 2019 X-Games for Action Sports Photography.


 This episode of Long Underwear was brought to you with the help of our friends at OpenSnow.


No More “S” Word:

  • Amie asks Julian about his other successful businesses outside of pro skiing. Julian explains his business-focused mindset from an early age and the two discuss his clothing company, Discrete Clothing, as well as his other major business endeavor, the Cirque Series. A mountain race series which take place in the summer at six different ski resorts in four different states.
  • Julian goes on to talk about baggy beanies, naming products after computer science terminology, and the varying seasonality of his businesses which keeps him in the high-alpine year-round.
  • From here, Julian chats about his dad’s musical talents, the only song he’ll sing karaoke (hint: Steely Dan), as well as the story behind his ultra-long hair.
  • Amie asks Julian about his guilty pleasures, what he’d pick as a superpower and his love for ravens, hummingbirds and really anything that takes flight.
  • Next, Julian answers a unique question from one of our listeners: baby dragon or cat-sized bear?
  • Julian then goes on to tell Amie two highs and one low from the last year of his life, including giant leaps made with the Cirque Series races, his dog’s healthy recovery from double ACL surgery and why he’s bummed ski season is over.
  • Finally, to wrap it all up, Julian tells an interesting story about his extreme fear of heights as a kid and how and why that all shifted…


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