S2E7: Jonny Moseley - Long Underwear Podcast

The Olympics, hosting SNL, the best advice he’s ever received, and the pride associated with seeing a project from start to finish.

For episode 7 of season 2 of the WME podcast, “Long Underwear”, Amie Engerbretson interviews fellow Squaw local, Jonny Moseley while the two are back at home in the Tahoe area.


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Host Amie Engerbretson & Jonny Moseley sat down in Squaw Valley in April 2019 before going skiing together.  

About the Athlete:

Moseley rose to fame in the wintersports industry in the 1990’s through his skills and unique style in mogul skiing. He took home a gold medal in Men’s moguls at the 1998 Winter Olympics and helped modernize freestyle skiing as a whole. He has continued to make an impact as a TV personality for extreme sports and reality TV, and is thanked for introducing the world to the aerial trick known as the “dinner roll”. He has also been the narrator for Warren Miller films for the last decade.


 This episode of Long Underwear was brought to you with the help of our friends at OpenSnow. 

No More “S” Word:

    • Once talking about skiing is off the table, Amie asks Jonny about his experience on TV when he was the host of the Real World / Road Rules Challenge as well as that time back in 2002 when he hosted SNL.

Jonny Moseley hosted SNL in 2002 and starred in a handful of legendary skits while on the program. 

  • From here, Jonny talks about peoples’ perceptions of his “NorCal” persona, what it means to have a healthy amount of empathy, how’s he learned to care a little less about what people think and what his kids think of him as a person.
  • Then, Jonny tells Amie about what his alternate life would look like as an engineer and a piece of advice he received from a stranger on an airplane and why he often thinks of those words.  
  •  Amie asks Moseley about the two highs and a low from the last year of his life. To answer, Jonny talks about the joys of being an executive producer and seeing a project from start to finish, the pride in staying busy and the downside of being on the road and away from his kids from time to time.


You can follow Jonny along on his adventures here.




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