S2E2: Lexi duPont - Long Underwear Podcast

The humbling journey to getting a pilot’s license, a deep (yet odd) connection with fruit bats, what a decade of skiing in Alaska can teach a person and the most epic tale of a date gone wrong.


For “Long Underwear” Episode 2 of Season 2, host Amie Engerbretson sat down with longtime friend and fellow female ripper Lexi duPont while the two were up in Revelstoke filming with K2 Skis.


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Amie Engerbretson, Lexi duPont, and McKenna Peterson stroll the streets of Val-d'Isère, France while shooting the Warren Miller film "Line of Descent". Photo Credit: Christophe Hassel


About the Athlete:

Lexi kicked off her skiing career by filming with Warren Miller Entertainment for the 2010 film, “Wintervention”. Around this same time, she was competing in the Freeride World Tour and then filmed with WME in Utah and Norway where she skied couloirs for the first time and suffered a bout of hypothermia. Since then, she’s been in two more Warren Miller films (both of which were filmed with host Amie Engerbretson) and she’s made it a goal to ski in Alaska every year for the last 10 years.


No More “S” word:

  • Lexi discusses how getting her pilot’s license honors her family’s aviation history, her dream of flying over the Amazon, and expresses how humbling the entire learning process has been.
  • From here, Lexi discusses what down days and regular time at home look like. Hint: she actually loves laundry.
  • Then, Lexi tells an oddly inspiring story about fruit bats and confesses to Amie what her guilty pleasure consists of.
  • Lexi and Amie go on to chat about how Lexi would use a superpower, the highs of having nephews, the off-the-grid house she’s building in Revelstoke, and the low of losing their friend and inspiration, Bryce Newcomb.
  • And finally, Lexi makes Amie laugh with a story involving a date gone wrong and how it went south real quick.



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