Name a person who inspires you to be a better skier? 

Michelle Parker


What would you do if you won the lottery?

Start a foundation to educate the youth.


Breakfast of champions? 



Favorite chairlift and why?

The Stoke!!!! (In Revelstoke) Hot laps on the STOKE all day baby!!!! It provides access to my favorite terrain on earth. Nothing beats hot lapping the stoke with a sendy crew on a pow day!


The most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this year? (books, podcasts, TV shows)

13th!!! Its a Netflix doc that really opened my eyes to the underbelly darkness of America and the American prison system. PLEASE PLEASE WATCH IT!


Ideal down day? 

Sleep in, make a big big breakfast, soak in some hot springs, get a massage, read and meditate and go to bed by 9.


Fictitious character you most identify with from a book, movie, etc. and why?

Cookie Monster! "Friend something better than chocolate Ice-cream... maybe friend somebody you give up last cookie for." It's as simple as that.


Highlight memory from filming with WME for this year's film?

Amie and I arrived in Switzerland and I honestly thought we were going to get completely skunked. They had a really dry year with a small chance of snow in the forecast. To our surprise we arrived with the storm and caught the best three days of the season!!! One day will be engraved in my memory forever. Waist deep blower snow and sunshine in the Swiss Alps!!! I don't think it gets better then that. It was one of those days where getting a shot was a bonus. To be honest I was having so much fun I barely even noticed the cameras were there.


Gear you are loving right now, on or off the ski slopes, and why? (Please include product brand and name)

The Eddie Bauer "Fine Line" Jacket and Bib is my everyday goto snow kit. I have collaborated with the Eddie Bauer athlete/guide team and the Eddie Bauer design team to create my ideal shred outfit. I honestly can't express how stoked this kit makes me. The fabric keeps you dry, it is super breathable when your working hard and it is soft to touch!!! The fit has also been run through the gauntlet of years of testing and moving and grooving in different environments. It was so much fun to design and I could not be happier with how it turned out. You won't see me wearing anything else!!!!


What is a cause you care about that you'd love to share with the Warren Miller audience?

The Flourish Foundation. It is a social-profit dedicated to inspiring systemic change through cultivation of healthy habits of mind that promote personal well-being.

Rigorous scientific research by Neuroscientists and Geneticists have shown that the structure and function of the mind and body change in relationship to the quality of our lived experience. These scientific insights parallel discoveries made by the world’s wisdom traditions that demonstrate the possibility of extraordinary human development throughout the course of our lives. The cultural myth, so prevalent in modern society, that there is little or no opportunity for us to grow beyond our genetic inheritance, that we are “stuck” or “hardwired”, is simply not true. Profound change is possible at any age and there are well examined practices, both new and ancient, that aid us in this transformation.

To support communities in evolving through personal and global challenges and positively transforming the heart and mind, Flourish Foundation offers year around programming. These programs are delivered in schools, businesses, outdoors, internationally and at our headquarters on 1030 Airport Way in Hailey, Idaho.

Our programs incorporate ethics and values, meditation and experiential inquiry into classrooms, extracurricular activities, professional development and community enrichment.


How do you think the year 2020 will shape the future of skiing?

Ooooooof thats a tough one and I have been thinking about it a lot. After experiencing all that has happened in the world in the past few months we have been forced to ask the hard questions. Will our profession as pro riders even be an option in this new world? Will brands have the ability to support their athletes and product development like they did in the past? One thing I know for certain is that skiing is the mental and physical stimulation I crave and is definitely the perfect medicine for a healthy mind, body and spirit. Hopefully people realize how important it is and the winter sports community opens it doors and allows access to global population.


What is your vision for the future of skiing?

I have this crazy idea that if every person on planet earth learned to ski or snowboard, unassisted, on their own two feet, or one foot, or whatever have you, we would have world peace. I know it sounds like some cheesy Miss America speech but I really feel that the freedom of sliding down a mountain, with fresh mountain air in your lungs, the cold breeze on your face, overcoming uncertainty, rising to the challenge and stepping out of your comfort zone to learn something new creates deep rooted happiness. The world would be a much better place. So ya I just want every human on earth to ski or snowboard! Its time to get to work.


Favorite classic ski film and why?

Blizzard of Aahhh's. Greg Stump changed my life with that film. After watching It I knew I wanted to ski as much as humanly possible and maybe one day grow up to ski like Kim Reichhelm. I feel like it changed skiing and action sports film making forever.


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