Introducing The Long Underwear Podcast

Long Underwear aims to strip off the layers and get to know the skiers and snowboarders underneath the ski gear. Hosted by professional skier Amie Engerbretson, there’s only one rule: after introductions, there are no more mentions of skiing and snowboarding allowed.

On this podcast, we aren’t after the stories of the biggest lines skied or favorite pieces of gear. Not this time. In this podcast, we want the embarrassing stories, the ones about the missteps and the mishaps. We want to know about the search for balance and constant quest to find adventures in the day-to-day. We’re looking to take an honest close up of all the goofy and beautifully unique angles of our mountain heroes.  

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S5 E1: Nick Russell

Snowboarding in Antarctica, climate advocacy, UFO sightings, why the universe teaches patience and uplifting travel stories.

Amie and snowboarder Nick Russell, socially distanced while recording Season 5 of the Long Underwear Podcast. 

S5 E2: Maggie Voisin 

Dropping her first video edit, life in Montana, finding the silver linings and harnessing hope during uncertain times.

S5 E3: Danny Davis

Snowboarding in Antarctica, constantly feeling grateful, his hilarious (and romantic) engagement story and seeing the love beyond the negativity on the internet.

S5 E4: Baker Boyd

A brief history of Aspen ski gangs, choosing kindness, the power of hard work and confronting the loss of a best friend.

S5 E5: Elena Hight

Snowboarding in Antarctica, balancing the mountains and the beach, keeping plants alive, why mentorships matter, and self-taught herbalism.

S5 E6: Inclusion in Winter Sports

The work of Share Winter Foundation, investing in newcomers, why diversity is good for business and how every person on the mountain can make a difference.

S5 E7: Tom Day 

How one of the best skiers became one of the most iconic ski cinematographers, why spontaneity helps create art, the similarities in carpentry and filmmaking and why life is just meant to be enjoyed.

S5 E8: The Egan Brothers

Expressing gratitude, Boston pranks, advice to their younger selves, and memories of skiing all day, every day.

S5 E9: Madison Rose Ostergren

A rising ski star, cultivating growth and happiness through others’ success, the Wim Hof Method and the power of pushing past your comfort zone.

S5 E10: Mountain Memories

So much of skiing and snowboarding is wrapped up in memories. We asked our listeners to call in and share the mountain memories that have stuck with them, and they delivered.


S4 E1: Hilaree Nelson

Mountaineering, motherhood, avoiding the comfortable, and why saying “yes” is 99% of the battle.

Hilaree Nelson and host Amie Engerbretson sit down in Telluride, Colorado for season 4 of Long Underwear. 

S4 E2: Griffin Post

Skiing in Jackson, stealing cowbells in Austria, asking for help and why calling your local representatives can be the easiest way to participate in democracy.

S4 E3: Leah Evans

Women elevating women, nature mixing with music, protecting wild spaces, becoming a certified hiking guide and gaining trust in her intuition in the outdoors.

S4 E4: Todd Ligare  

The power of no absolutes, embracing the future, the secret to having ultra-long hair and why we can’t let our thoughts dictate how we feel about ourselves.

S4 E5: Elyse Saugstad 

Embracing the feminine, fantasy football, cooking with her hubby and working through road rage.

S4 E6: Jeremy Jones

Why staying organized off the mountain is so hard, founding Protect Our Winters, the highs (and lows) of adventuring with his kids, and that one time he traded a minivan for a pickup truck while in Baja.



Jeremy Jones carves a turn at Squaw Valley . PC: Hank de Vre

S4 E7: Bobby Brown

Exploring skiing beyond competing, killer whale tattoos, why the world needs more empathy, home renovations and hanging out with Miley Cyrus.



S3 E1: Connery Lundin

From ski racing to Freeskiing World Tour Champion, cliff jumping and rock climbing in an effort to overcome fears, and the power of one man’s love for his Insta-famous cat.

S3 E2: Cam FitzPatrick 

Snowboarding in his first Warren Miller film, converting a horse trailer into a booming business, adopting a pug named Pep and beating the odds after a rare childhood injury.

S3 E3: Rob Kingwill 

That time he was almost a reality TV star, memories from having a rock band, combining his love for adventure with art, and words of wisdom about never giving up and the importance of granting yourself the gift of rest.

S3 E4: Caite Zeliff

The "Queen of Corbet's" talks about migrating out west, the art of making tamales, her perfect date and living by the motto ‘hold it wide open.'

S3 E5: Glen Plake 

Life off the grid, finding treasures in other peoples’ trash, debunking mohawk myths and how something as simple as awareness, a smile and being nice can make the world a better place.


 Glen Plake sits down with Amie Engerbretson in October, 2019 for the fifth episode of the Long Underwear Podcast. 

S3 E6: Steven Nyman 

Goals for the 2019/2020 World Cup, the importance of mentorship, DIY home projects, father-daughter love and that one hilarious (and terrifying) time he guided 10 unprepared kids up the Grand Teton.

S3 E7: Ted Ligety

Competing in the World Pro Ski Tour, advocating for the sport of ski racing, why he started his company SHRED and the highs and lows of being a dad.

S3 E8: Michelle Parker

Seeing injuries as a time to learn something new, producing for Red Bull TV, advocating for her local community, the superpower of bringing people joy and setting goals in everything you do.



S2 E1: Scot Schmidt

Patience as the best form of injury prevention, the handy lessons learned in homesteading, the complexities of pitching a teepee and the memories of an all-time surfing trip to Costa Rica.

S2 E2: Lexi duPont

The humbling journey to getting a pilot’s license, a deep (yet odd) connection with fruit bats, what a decade of skiing in Alaska can teach a person and the most epic tale of a date gone wrong.  

Amie Engerbretson, Lexi duPont, and McKenna Peterson stroll the streets of Val-d'Isère, France while shooting the Warren Miller film "Line of Descent". PC: Christophe Hassel

S2 E3: Sam Smoothy

Endless winters, cheese dreams, home building from afar, one wildly embarrassing story involving an exchange student and that time he fought an octopus.

S2 E4: McKenna Peterson

Commercial fishing as a family affair, the importance of keeping your hands forward, the Spice Girls, dreams of being on the LPGA Tour and stories of sockeye salmon that will make you cringe.  

S2 E5: Tyler Ceccanti

Life as motor-head, comic book nostalgia, the problem with too many cooks in the kitchen, buying the house his grandfather built and remembering when he fell asleep at his own wedding.

S2 E6: Julian Carr

Massive cliff drops, success outside of skiing, baby dragons, Steely Dan and why most of his products are named after computer science terminology.  

 S2 E7: Jonny Moseley

The Olympics, hosting SNL, the best advice he’s ever received, and the major pride associated with seeing a project from start to finish.

S2 E8: JT Holmes

Baja racing, life as a Hollywood stuntman, his love for perusing the classifieds for odd gear, life lessons in optimism as the key ingredient for positive outcomes and epic stories of things going wrong but still working out. 



S1 E1: Anna Segal

Determination, life in Canada as an Aussie, inspiring her younger self and meditation as a method for training your mind.
S1 E2: Michael "Bird" Shaffer

The significance of being bird-like, growing up on a hippie commune, and how one mountain mission-gone-wrong turned into a spiritual experience.
S1 E3: Forrest Jillson
A commercial fisherman who may be a little bit of a Mama’s boy, Forrest has daydreams about the simple life: prospecting for gold in the Last Frontier and cooking in the woods with his Dutch oven. 
S1 E4: Kaylin Richardson 
The pros and cons of Midwest to west coast living, loving other peoples' success, pet peeves, compassion and Broadway musicals as her life's soundtrack.
S1 E5: Dash Longe  
Life as a twin, a desire to be a plastic-eating sea creature, powerful moments thanks to fatherhood and why letting go and believing in the process is our best bet.  

S1 E6: Marcus Caston 
Hop turns, memories from Snowbird, the peoples’ coffee lover, surf bum aspirations and getting in touch with your feelings (even when it’s tough).

S1 E7: Jim Ryan 
Vermont breakfasts, real talk on being a good listener, the power of disconnecting, raft trips and that one time at French camp.

S1 E8: Jessie Diggins
The Olympic gold medalist and cross-country superstar talks about struggling with body images, finding time for family, being brave, memories from ballet and that time she felt like Jack from the “Titanic”.

Jessie Diggins trains in New Zealand with the US Olympic Team for the 2018 film, "Face of Winter". PC: Colin Witherill


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