Favorite music to ride to:


What is your favorite Peak and why?

There are so many to list but I would say Pontoon, Sphinx and Meteorite would be at the top. They are 3 of the biggest peaks in the Chugach, very esthetic and part of the "holy grail".

What is the one thing you look forward to most after a long day on the Mountain?

Being with my family and all our guests coming home safe and sound after experiencing the "best day of their life".

What do you do in the off-season?

I am obsessed with flying my 180 Cessna Airplane. I am a true believer in Crossfit (Avalanche and Blizzard in Tahoe), mountain bike and of course spend a ton of time with my 2 year old Kinley Drake and wife Jessica

You own and run the largest heli-ski operation in the US, how did you and Jessica get the idea an initiate to star PNH?

I had been visiting Valdez for years and knew I wanted to start a heli ski operation. There were over 5 operations in Valdez so I rented a fixed aircraft and flew the Chugach to Cordova where I saw the Orca Adventure Lodge. I knew this was the perfect location for a heli ski operation as it's 30 miles as the crow flies from Valdez but the only operation in Cordova. We truly have a chunk of the Chugach to ourselves. The Orca Adventure Lodge is the ideal setting, 2 miles from town located directly on Prince William Sound with the Chugach in our backyard. We are truly all-inclusive with 3 beautiful A-Stars out our front window, there is no driving up a pass to see if we are flying or not. 

What was the highlight of filming the Points North segment for Flow State?

Skiing with Mitch Toelderer and Travis Ganong. These 2 guys have such great energy. It was pretty cool spending time in the Chugach with Mitch who has been coming to PNH for years and Travis who was a 1st timer in the Chugach.