Through The Decades: 2010's With Warren Miller

"Through The Decades" explores 70 years of cinematic breakthroughs, history making, comedic genius, athletic feats, standout moments and the pure joys of celebrating winter with Warren Miller films.


Wintervention (2010): Winter Intervenes The New Decade  

"Winter intervenes. It makes its presence known every year as the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder... By the time the holidays roll around, the "wintervention" is complete, leaving just two kinds of people in the world: those who hunker down and put up with it, and those who alight and chase it." - Max Bervy, Executive Producer / Director




Ticket to Ride (2013): Kazakhstan  

J.T. Holmes and Espen Fadnes take speed riding - skiing with a parachute - to a new level in Central Asia's powder-blessed mountains.


Speed Riding

Photo by Braden Gunem


Ticket to Ride (2013): Iceland  

Sierra Quitiquit skis an entire run, from mountian top to fjord, in a hot pink swimsuit.

Sierra Quitiquit skis in Iceland in pink bathing suit

Photo by Mike Arzt

No Turning Back (2014): Greece

Athletes Tyler Ceccanti and Josh Bibby travel to the remote locales of Greece and even take on the challenge of skiing Mount Olympus.  



Chasing Shadows (2015): Dumb & Dumber Tribute

Athletes Amie Engerbretson, McKenna Peterson and Lexi duPont traveled to Valdez for some heliskiing. Along the way, they ran into skiers Rory Bushfield and Mark Abma... 


 Chasing Shadows (2015): Nepal  

In a series of misadventures on their shoot in Annapurna, Rob Kingwill and Seth Wescott rode what they could: snow in the desert, elephants in the jungle, and ultralights in the Himalayas.

"You think of Nepal and you think of high mountain peaks, the Himalayas and snow, and in reality a lot of it is jungles and rhinoceroses and elephants and these amazing agricultural villages with the most beautiful people you’ve ever seen in your life. So to go and really be immersed in that was really special and something that I had not ever dreamed was part of a trip to the Himalayas." - Rob Kingwill. Read more about the adventure here.




Here There & Everywhere (2016): Fat Biking in Crested Butte  



 Warren's Passing (2018)

In 2018, at 93 years-old, Warren Miller passes away. His impact is lasting and his death is felt across the industry and the world at large.  


Face of Winter (2018): New Zealand 

‘Face of Winter’ features the first American National Nordic Team to take home Olympic gold medals as they spend their summer training in New Zealand. 


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