Photos by Mike Arzt

Where would you like to ski that you haven't been to before?
Svalbard, Greenland, and Iceland.

Who has been the biggest influence to you in your ski career?
My heroes are still Craig Kelly and Terje Haakonsen, but I have had so many friends who have inspired me with their positive energy, love for, and dedication to winter sports that there are too many in my life to name.. I get inspired by seeing little kids and I get motivated to see what people like Jeremy Jones and Xavier Delerue are riding.

Where is your absolute favorite spot for après-ski?
At the base of the Sugarloaf Access Road, a little place called The Rack.

What do you look forward to most after a long day on the mountain?
Food and sleep...I really like to sleep.

What is something you wish you had more time for outside of skiing?
Surfing, golf and just time off.