Loveland Ski Area’s 29th Annual Mountaintop Matrimony Celebration

The Colorado ski area keeps its Valentine’s Day tradition alive with dozens of couples getting married and renewing their vows on mountain.


Friday, February 14, 2020 marked the 29th annual Valentine’s Day Mountaintop Matrimony celebration up at Loveland Ski Area, located just west of Georgetown, Colorado. This year’s ceremony consisted of 72 couples renewing their vows and eight couples saying “I do” for the first time.



A total of 80 couples gathered at the top of Loveland Ski Area to celebrate love.

Photo: Dustin Schaefer 



A couple skis down after the ceremony.

Photo: Dustin Schaefer 


“Following the wedding, couples and guests enjoyed a reception at the bottom of the mountain with cake, music and best dressed contest,” says Loveland’s Dustin Schaefer.





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Loveland Mountaintop Matrimony 

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