73 Sneak Peek! Behind the Scenes of 'Daymaker'

The premiere of our 73rd film Daymaker is just around the corner on October 26th (find a show near you). In anticipation, we've rounded up some of our favorite 'behind the scenes' instagram posts below. 


Katie Burrell Goes Pro

Over the past few years, Revelstoke, BC’s Katie Burrell has become the Instagram voice of a generation. With an invite to shoot for WME burning a hole in her inbox, Katie met up with  some of the biggest names in big mountain skiing like Hedvig Wessel and Lexi duPont for some Eagle Pass Heliski. 


The Deepest Snow of the Year

The only thing better than skiing neck-deep powder? Skiing neck-deep powder with skiers young enough to have never skied it before. It’s not that 20-year-old Simon Hillis of Rossland, BC, and 19-year-old Marcus Goguen of Whistler haven’t skied powder—it’s that they’ve never encountered powder quite like what they found at the Mustang Lodge. Fortunately 23-year-old “veteran” Maddison Rose Ostergren was on hand to keep them out of trouble.



Adapting to the Backcountry

Last year, WME fans met Pete McAfee, a single leg amputee so full of grit and good humor that he joined on a lark to attempt the first adaptive ski descent of Alaska’s Denali. This year we sent Pete, along with fellow adaptive backcountry rider Dominic Davila, to Weigele’s heli-skiing, with their own helicopter bringing them to steep deep runs that will change how you think about adaptive skiing and snowboarding.


The Ultimate (Grass Skiing) Run

Connery Lundin was tired of getting shown up by his freeskiing peers. They’re out dropping “ultimate run” cuts that seem to last forever and feature all kinds of skiing across whole continents’ worth of vast and varied terrain. That’s why he’s traveled to Switzerland. In July. With a pair of grass skis that he may or may not have actually tried before leaving. The rest is now history.