Featured Athlete: Madison Rose Ostergren 

Name a person who inspires you to be a better skier?

Marcus Caston. He is the best. But also many many other skiers and people inspire me for different reasons… their personalities, style, and the message and qualities they embody: Glen Plake, Jimmi Ryan, Angel Collinson, Wendy Fisher, and many other athletes I am surrounded by in the winter as well as athletes that I look up to that I haven’t ever met!

What would you do if you won the lottery?

First things first… I would DANCE! Then I would probably do the same thing I am doing right now! Skiing, traveling, more skiing, spending time with people I love. Being in the mountains and outdoors… maybe start a film/production company. Meet new people and learn learn learn, grow, and spread good energy and love!

Breakfast of champions?

Muffins… always muffins. 

Favorite chairlift and why? 

Wildcat Chair (The Kitty) at Alta Ski Area.

The most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this year? (books, podcasts, TV shows) 

The Micheal Jordan documentary (The Last Dance)— I am OBSESSED. I don’t watch a lot of TV but this documentary is great. I love Dennis Rodman. 

Fictitious character you most identify with from a book, movie, etc. and why?

Peter Pan. I relate to Peter in many ways. I identify with him because I love his creative, adventurous, curious, and daring soul. I like that he’s a confident leader and has a pack of friends, The Lost Boys - they adventure and live in a magical world together. I think some people might think of Peter as careless, selfish or boastful, which he is in some ways, but I think when you begin to understand him more… deep down he has his own inner battles he is working through and he is trying to figure it out the best he knows how… just like the rest of us. Deep down I think he feels love and warmth and maintains his youthful energy that he spreads with his vivid imagination and passion to the people he is around.

Highlight memory from filming with WME for this year's film?  

There were SO MANY highlights filming with WM this season. One memory that stands out was my first run filming in Sun Valley. I was really excited and slightly nervous. At the top of the run, Jimmi Ryan looked at me and said “you got this Mads” I turned around and started nuking down this massive bump run towards Chris Patterson— who I had met 2 years prior in Switzerland, but had never worked with— so naturally I wanted to ski really good as my first impression. Within a few seconds, I had picked up a tremendous amount of speed and sure enough right in front of him I lost my balance after hitting a bump, double ejected, and front flip- face planted into the snow. Feeling Slightly embarrassed but also stoked and overflowed with adrenaline, I looked up, wiping slushy snow off my face and all 3 guys looked down at me and said “oh my goodness are you okay?!” I started laughing hysterically and hollered “IM GOOD!” Nervous that I had just ruined everything for the entire film on my first run… I stood up and was quickly reassured by the guys. CP looked at me, chuckled and exclaimed “YES MADISON— that is EXACTLY what we love! Great job— go do it again!” I thought it was classic and hilarious that my first run ever filming for Warren Miller, I aggressively fell and lost my skis poles, goggles… everything. A full tomahawk yard sale!

After that first run everything moving forward seemed like a breeze! Another huge highlight was spending time with my HH teammates Kaylin and Jimmi. Especially Jimmi Ryan, he is my best friend and being able to share that experience with him was the highlight of my year by far. Meeting and spending time with Josh, CP, Colin, and Cam was another huge highlight for me. I loved getting to know them and sharing this experience, laughs, jokes, skiing, and creative work with them. The entire trip was the highlight of my season.

What is a cause you care about that you'd love to share with the Warren Miller audience?

A few Organizations I care about: Utah Avalanche CenterJackson Hole Outdoor Leadership InstitutePOW - Protect Our WintersWomen’s Leadership Institute. A few causes and topics I care about: mental health awareness, inclusivity and diversity in the outdoors, and empowering women in outdoor education.  

How do you think the year 2020 will shape the future of skiing?

I moved to Jackson Hole and was able to learn and grow as a skier in a different area/terrain this season. The Tetons and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort were really fun to explore and test my limits as a skier this season. I look forward to more! I got to work on a personal film this season as an athlete, director and producer which was a HUGE learning experience, fun, and hard! 

What is your vision for the future of skiing?

Inclusive and creative. Open, loving, sharing.

Favorite classic ski film and why?

I love all ski films- it’s hard to pick a favorite!


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