Current favorite piece/pieces of gear? Why?
Love my Blizzard 0G skis. For such a light ski they ski incredible, magic I tell ya! Also, who doesn't love a big Helly Hansen puffy on a cold day?

What’s your “Back in my day, we…”?
Back in my day we... actually had to learn how to ski! None of those big fat cheater skis the kids are on now! I'll be happy to be on the cheaters when I get old I'm sure though.

Who has inspired your skiing the most?
Definitely all the coaches and kids I got to ski with growing up ski racing. When we were young we had to keep up with the coaches who would just take off and rip in front of us. When we grew older all the kids pushed each other to ski faster and go bigger.

Best recovery exercises?
Burritos and some simple stretching.

Ideal down day?
A down day is always a great time to go check out a new town and be a tourist. It’s easy to want to stay in and relax, and there’s always room for that too, but I love going and walking around a new city. 

Spiciest/most intimidating line you've skied or ridden this year?
I just got home from Iceland a couple days ago and got to ski a second descent that the late great Andreas Fransson put up. It was a super steep pretty narrow couloir with some variable snow. Had to make every turn count!

Goals in skiing/riding this next year?
Definitely be able to tour farther and faster. Always trying to learn how to move in the mountains.

What’s a great book you’ve read recently?
Currently reading A Voyage for Madmen about some crazy people racing each other around the world in sailboats.

Favorite mountain range?
Wow, there are so many beautiful mountains. The Alps are just insane.

Working title for the book or movie about your life?
Burritos Bubble gum and Powder

Best moment filming with WME this year?
Probably filming eating amazing Swiss cheese dishes 

How did Warren Miller the man influence your skiing/riding career?
As every skier, I grew up watching Warren Miller movies. His vision shaped everything I saw and knew growing up.