S4E4: Todd Ligare - Long Underwear Podcast

The power of no absolutes, embracing the future, the secret to having ultra-long hair and why we can’t let our thoughts dictate how we feel about ourselves.

For the fourth episode of season 4 of Long Underwear, host Amie Engerbretson sits down with long-time boyfriend and quarantine partner, Todd Ligare.

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About the Athlete

Known for charging big mountain lines, Todd Ligare is a long-time TGR athlete with roots in both Salt Lake City and Lake Tahoe. Growing up, Todd ski raced in Park City with big names like Steven Nyman and raced through college at the University of Denver. These days, he spends his seasons skiing deep snow and harry lines up in B.C., Wyoming, Alaska, Squaw, outside of SLC and wherever else his big mountain career takes him.  

Todd Ligare grew up in SLC but now splits his time between SLC and Lake Tahoe. Photo: Daniel Ronnback 

No More “S” Word:

  • Once the topic of skiing is off the table, Amie asks Todd about his feelings around “absolutes” and Todd discusses why he tries to see multiple perspectives in everything and why it’s good to remember not to believe everything our minds tell us.
  • From there, Todd tells Amie why he’d want to be able to rewind time for his superpower and why he thinks maximizing efficiencies as a society is such a compelling solution to so many problems.
  • Then Amie ask the Protect Our Winters (POW) sponsored question and Todd says that if he could ask the world to do one thing it would be to embrace the future and the efficiencies yet to be discovered through change.
  • After that, Amie asks Todd some of the questions the audience sent Amie through her Instagram, including insight on his long hair, which cartoon character he identifies with, and why he takes cold dips in the river by his home in Truckee.
  • Then, Amie pulls a quick one on Todd and asks him what two highs and one low of being her boyfriend include. Todd responds honestly and couples everywhere can learn a lesson...
  • From there, Amie and Todd talk about the benefits of “Banagua” (bananas mixed with water) and Todd shares his advice to the world about how they can become better sleepers.
  • Finally, Todd and Amie wrap the episode up with Todd discussing the highs and lows of his last year and then Todd tells the story about that one time his friend Roger encountered a Kangeroo… 

Follow Todd on his adventures here.

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