S4E3: Leah Evans - Long Underwear Podcast

Women elevating women, nature mixing with music, protecting wild spaces, becoming a certified hiking guide and gaining trust in her intuition in the outdoors.

For the third episode of season 4 of Long Underwear, host Amie Engerbretson sits down with Canadian skier, Leah Evans.

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About the Athlete

Leah Evans grew up in Rossland, British Columbia ski racing at RED Mountain Resort but she calls Revelstoke home today. When she was a teen, Leah got her first pair of twin tip skis and never looked back. She has competed in multiple freeride and big mountain competitions and has been featured in video projects like “Pretty Faces” by Unicorn Picnic, “Into The Mind” by Sherpa Cinemas, “Spring Break” by Solomon Freeski TV and more recently, appeared in the satirical film “Dream Job” from filmmaker and comedian Katie Burrell. Most notably, Leah is the founder of Girls Do Ski, which hosts multi-level freeski camps and skiing mentorships for women looking to grow on and off the mountain. She is also an ACMG hiking guide in the summertime.

Leah Evans started Girls Do Ski 13 years ago and she remains the organization's Director today. Photo courtesy: Leah Evans

  No More “S” Word:

  • Once the no “s” word rule is put into place, Leah talks to Amie about how females can support other females in more effective ways by seeing them as enablers and inspirations in what it is you have in common, rather than as competition.
  • After that, Leah talks about her dream of being a bird and talks about why she feels like her greatest skill is connecting people.
  • From there, Leah shares her pet peeves and tells Amie about why the creation of “Cabin Jams” was the best concert she’s ever been to.
  • Then, Amie ask the Protect Our Winters (POW) sponsored question. Leah talks about what she would ask every person on the planet to do to make the world a better place and discusses the work she does with protecting wild spaces and getting youth outside.
  • Leah then tells Amie about the highs of traveling in Europe and running a backcountry lodge in the summer of 2019 and shares the low of feeling burnt out from time to time and how meditation has impacted her life positively.  
  • Finally, Leah wraps up the episode telling the story of when she did her full, ACMG comprehensive exam last fall. She talks about some of intense conditions and emotions she encountered and how empowered she felt when it was all over.

Follow Leah on her adventures here and Girls Do Ski here.  

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