S3E3: Rob Kingwill - Long Underwear Podcast

That time he was almost a reality TV star, memories from having a rock band, combining his love for adventure with art, and words of wisdom about never giving up and the importance of granting yourself the gift of rest.

In Episode 3 of Season 3 of Warren Miller Entertainment’s (WME) podcast, “Long Underwear”, host Amie Engerbretson visits with snowboarding king, Rob “Kinger” Kingwill.


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About the Athlete:

Born and raised in Jackson, Wyoming, Rob Kingwill is a local legend who has been featured in 10 Warren Miller films over the last years. One trip that has really stuck with him with Warren Miller was a trip to Nepal in the 2015 film, “Chasing Shadows” with Seth Wescott. An athlete and an avid advocate for the sport of snowboarding, Kinger is also known for his creation of the Shaper Summit (formally known as the JH PowWow), a snowboarding gathering meant to bring riders and board designers together for a week each winter. In this year’s Warren Miller film, “Timeless”, presented by Volkswagen, Rob traveled to Switzerland fellow snowboarders Morgan Hebert and Ryland Bell to both snowboard and photographer with the crew.

Rob Kingwill in the 2015 Warren Miller film, "Chasing Shadows". PC: Mike Arzt


No More “S” Word:

  • Rob tells Amie about his adventure accessories business called Avalon 7, which he started way back in 2005 when he was stuck in a house in Park City for a reality TV show that flopped…
  • From here, Rob talks about how coaching and teaching kids on the hill translates into how he runs his brand and everyday life through lessons about authenticity, self-reliance and community.
  • Then, Rob divulges the details surrounding his former TOOL and Rage Against the Machine cover band where he performed as the lead singer, that time he freestyle-rapped with Shawn Farmer for three hours straight in Alaska and his go-to karaoke song.
  • After that, Amie asks Rob about what he’d want his superpower to be, then the two discuss the intricacies of lucid dreaming and Rob tells Amie the best advice he’s ever been given.
  • Rob goes on to tell Amie about the highs of making art with a new medium, the low of going through a breakup in early 2019 and how cowboy swing dancing up to four nights a week has always made his life better. As Rob says, “dancing with a woman is like dancing with the mountain.”
  • Finally, Rob closes out the episode by telling the story of how a minor adventure to see a hidden cave system near Moab turned into an epic journey…


Follow Rob along on his adventure here. 

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