S2E8: JT Holmes Jr. - Long Underwear Podcast

Baja racing, life as a Hollywood stuntman, his love for perusing the classifieds for odd gear, life lessons in optimism as the key ingredient for positive outcomes and epic stories of things going wrong but still working out.

For episode 8 and the finale of Season 2 of “Long Underwear”, host Amie Engerbretson interviews JT Holmes just days after the 2019 Red Bull Raid, in which JT competed and Amie was a judge.


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Red Bull athlete who has skied in multiple Warren Miller films and is known for his BASE Jumping and skills in speed-riding (a mix of skiing and paragliding).

About the Athlete:

JT grew up in the Bay area and has called Squaw Valley his home mountain forever. He is a Red Bull athlete known for his skills on skis as well as his escapades in BASE jumping. Amie’s dad, cinematographer Jeff Engerbretson, also used to ski with JT when he was younger and the two would take laps at Squaw together, which JT says influenced him as a skier today. JT has been in six Warren Miller films in locations like Chamonix, Tahoe, and Switzerland, including his first appearance in a WME film in 1995 at Mt. Bachelor in Oregon.

Holmes skiing his home mountain, Squaw Valley for the 2017 Warren Miller film, "Line of Descent". 


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 No More “S” Word:

  • Amie asks JT about why he has nearly 100 steps leading up to his house and the two discuss JT’s love for racing in Baja. He tells her about his involvement in the Score International Series and explains how his dad and grandfather gave him a love for Baja racing at a young age when he started by racing Volkswagen Bugs. Today, he races a Polaris RZR in all four major Baja races.
  • From here, JT talks about working as a stuntman for films like Transformers, The Hangover 3, Fast and The Furious 7 and tells Amie what he actually considers to be a “payday” (hint: it’s when he’s outside playing).
  •  Then, Amie asks JT what he’d choose as a superpower and they size up his pick alongside what Dash Longe and Julian Carr selected and he talks about his guilty pleasure of searching classifieds for gear.
  • JT goes on to talk about optimism as one of the most important things a person can have in life and explains how he believes it has been a massive ingredient to positive outcomes. “I think in any given situation, you should always be able to recognize that there is to be optimistic about,” he says.
  • The two go on to talk about getting buried in avalanches and how they have each moved beyond those experiences.
  • Next, JT talks about the low of having some of his truck and all of his gear stolen right in front of his eyes while he was in Baja last year and the high of having some big plans for speed-riding this year.
  • To wrap it up, Amie (per usual) asks JT to tell any story and he serves up a tale about a 1,135-mile race in Baja back in 2017 when his race rig broke down and a rather famous individual quite literally crashed into him…


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