Long Underwear Show Notes: Father’s Day Bonus Episode

A father-daughter sit-down covering cliff drops, hair braiding, the importance of scaring yourself, prioritizing being a parent over being a friend and that one time a premonition may have saved his life on Yangtze River.

In this BONUS episode of Long Underwear, host Amie Engerbretson sits down with her very own father in honor of Father’s Day.


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Amie and Jeff Engerbretson, May 2019. As a ski and action sports cinematographer who has filmed for Warren Miller Entertainment multiple times, Jeff raised Amie on skis and in front of the camera. 


Jeff Engerbretson is a former professional skier turned well-known ski cinematographer who has worked on multiple Warren Miller films throughout the years. He emerged in the professional ski scene around the same time that “extreme” skiing was really making its mark on the industry. Skiers like Scot Schmidt, Robbie Huntoon, Kevin Andrews, Franz Weber, and Steve McKinney became his mentors and his ski buddies.

Amie and Jeff on a ski brochure in the early 1990s. 

With a professional skier and cinematographer as a father, it’s no wonder Amie ended up in ski brochures by the age of four. “You taught me how to smile while I ski,” says Amie. Jeff has shot both film and stills for Warren Miller at his home mountain in Squaw Valley as well as in Alaska, Chamonix and more. Today, he shoots action sports, travel shows, off-road truck racing, bike racing and is known as the “human cineflex” in shooting heli skiing.


 This episode of Long Underwear was brought to you with the help of our friends at OpenSnow. 

Jeff Engerbretson dropping a big air in 2019 while his daughter Amie takes a turn behind the camera.  


No More “S” Word:

  • Once the subject of skiing is off limits, Amie asks her dad what his life would look like if he’s chosen a different path, the two discuss Amie’s general distaste for most organized team sports as a kiddo and their mutual love for dance and theater.
  • From there, Amie praises her father’s hair braiding skills and Jeff explains which animal he’d want to be for a day—of course, it relates to sports.
  • Amie asks her dad what he thinks his best quality is, what he thinks her best qualities are and they break down how that has played into their own relationship.
  • After that, Jeff talks about the need to be scared and take risks, whether that be through skiing, through photography or through learning something new, like an instrument and his work with set design at a local high school.
  • Then, Jeff explains to Amie why he chose being a parent over a friend as a priority, because his main goal was to raise a “healthy, happy, contributing adult,” and the two candidly discuss how that relationship has evolved over the years, with the highs and the lows.
  • To wrap it all up, Jeff tells the story of being on a film shoot along the Yangtze river in China where a premonition may have saved his life and another story about Amie as a two-year-old needing to go to the bathroom… 

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