Where to Ski This Summer: Valdez, AK

Alaskan summers boast still-skiable terrain, an abundance of rivers full of fish and enough daylight to avoid ever having to set any priorities.

In August 2015, pro skiers Rory Bushfield and Mark Abma set out in a helicopter across the Chugach with WME in search of both fly-fishing and shredding opportunities. "It's all here" says Rory, "we could be fishing one hour, and the next we're skiing a huge peak, and the next we're [boating] down a huge valley."

If you're the multisport type - the kind of person that wants to be skiing and the morning and fishing in the afternoon - then Alaska just might be your summer dream destination. And the unique gem that is Valdez, AK is right here in the U.S.




What the pros & locals have to say
“I’ve been to Alaska quite often in the wintertime but I never really thought I’d come back in the summertime and it blew my mind. This place was offering so much amazing scenery, and it was just sensory overload. From the beautiful sounds and three thousand islands to these glaciers that are pouring right down into the water to amazing skiing up high. I definitely gained a whole new appreciation for the planet that we live on.” - Mark Abma

“Being on the edge is being alive, right here in Alaska you got that right at your fingertips. People should get out and try to feel that.” - Rory Bushfield

Getting there
Land at Valdez Airport, or fly into Anchorage and drive five and a half hours to the town of Valdez.

Get waterfront views at the Best Western Valdez Harbor Inn.
Or book space at the luxurious, newly renovated Tsaina Lodge atop famed Thompson Pass 35 miles north of Valdez.