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New Zealand tour happening now! Don't miss the shows in Christchurch and Wellington this weekend (May 25 & 27). Arrowtown, Nelson and... more

Photos by Cam Mcleod

Name: Marcus Caston
Age: 28
Occupation: Pro Skier and Coach at Party Beach Ski Camps
Sponsors: Helly Hansen, Tecnica,... more

Cover Photo: Jeff Cricco

Name: Mark Morris
Age: 33
Occupation: Self-Employed Musician/Pro Skier
Sponsors: Icelantic, Flylow, Discrete, Scarpa

In the Andes, the typical ski season runs from about June - October, and we can't blame North American skiers for heading down South to chase lines as soon as the lift start running, but there is something to be said for waiting it out.

In August 2015, pro skiers Rory Bushfield and Mark Abma set out in a helicopter across the Chugach with WME in search of both fly-fishing and shredding opportunities.