S4E5: Elyse Saugstad - Long Underwear Podcast

Embracing the feminine, fantasy football, cooking with her hubby and working through road rage.

For episode five of Season 4 of the Long Underwear Podcast, Amie Engerbretson chatted with big mountain skier, Elyse Saugstad over Skype.


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Elyse Saugstad grew up ski racing in Alaska and was named ESPN's "Top 50 Women in Action Sports" in 2014


About the Athlete

Elyse was born and raised in Alaska but now calls Tahoe home with pro skier husband, Cody Townsend. Known for skiing huge lines, Elyse is one of the most decorated big mountain skiers. She is a Freeride World Champion, she was crowned as the Best Female Performer at the 2019 POWDER Video Awards and is a co-founder of Safe AS Clinics, avalanche awareness and snow safety clinics tailored for women. She was also featured in the 2013 Warren Miller film, "Ticket to Ride". 


Watch Elyse's TEDx talk from 2013 about passion and fear. 

No More “S” Word

  • Once the “no more talking about skiing” rule is instituted, Elyse and Amie talk about some of the baking they have been doing in quarantine and Elyse discusses her love for fashion and what it means to her to be feminine.
  • After that, Elyse tells Amie about what going to the Super Bowl was like, how much she loves to surf and some of the best of surf trips she’s been on.
  • From there, Amie asks Elyse about her love for food and cooking and the two discuss their rational and irrational fears and Elyse admits that she has some road rage.
  • Then, Amie ask the Protect Our Winters (POW) sponsored question and Elyse talks about how giving people access to potable, clean water could be a solution to reducing plastic bottle waste.
  • Elyse goes on to talk about the highs and lows of her last year and she wraps up the podcast with a story from that time she lived in Italy and got locked out of her apartment for four days...

Follow Elyse’s adventures here.


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