S3E4: Caite Zeliff - Long Underwear Podcast

The "Queen of Corbet's" talks about migrating out west, the art of making tamales, her perfect date and living by the motto ‘hold it wide open.'


In Episode 4 of Season 3 of Warren Miller Entertainment’s (WME) podcast, “Long Underwear”, host Amie Engerbretson sits down with the increasingly more recognized pro skier and two-time female champion of the King’s & Queen’s of Corbet’s, Caite Zeliff. 

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About the Athlete:

Born and raised out east in North Conway, New Hampshire, Caite grew up ski racing. After competing in college, she headed out west to Jackson Hole. She slowly gained notoriety around the mountain until things really started to blow up for her after being crowned the “Queen of Corbet’s” in both the first and second annual Jackson Hole-based big mountain event. The 2019 Warren Miller film, “Timeless”, presented by Volkswagen was her first ever Warren Miller film and first ski film to be included in.


Caite Zeliff filming with WME in Jackson Hole in 2019. PC: Ian Anderson  

No More “S” Word:

  • Once the no more “s” word rule is instituted, Amie asks Caite about her migration out west and Caite talks about being raised by open minded parents, the drive for something more and the overall decisions that landed her in Jackson, Wyoming and why she avoids ever eating anything but the best maple syrup. 
  • From there, Caite explains to Amie about what her notable “HiWo” catchphrase signifies and the two talk all about Caite’s time back in the day as a motorcycle racer on her little Honda CRF50.
  • After that, Caite debates her spirit animal, her irrational (and rational) fears, and tells Amie a couple of disturbing stories including one about one woman and her pet snake.
  • Next, Amie asks the age-old question about what Caite’s ideal date would consist of and (LISTEN UP boys) it involves ski touring, sushi and swing dancing.
  • Caite goes on to talk about the highs of having amazing connections and adventures with friends in Jackson, buying a pickup truck and the lows of going through a breakup after being in a five-year relationship.
  • To close, Caite brings a story about that time she moved down to South Carolina for a summer and rented a boathouse in a harbor from a guy named Billy… 

Follow Caite on her adventures @Caite_Zeliff.

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