S3E2: Cam FitzPatrick - Long Underwear Podcast

Snowboarding in his first Warren Miller film, converting a horse trailer into a booming business, adopting a pug named Pep and beating the odds after a rare childhood injury.


In Episode 2 of Season 3 of Warren Miller Entertainment’s (WME) podcast, “Long Underwear”, host Amie Engerbretson visits with Jackson Hole local and professional snowboarder, Cam FitzPatrick.

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 About the Athlete:

Cam has worked with Absinthe Films, has shot with Travis Rice for projects like “The Fourth Phase” and has competed in several competitions across the west. In WME’s 70th feature film, “Timeless”, presented by Volkswagen, Cam is seen riding alongside skiers Forrest Jillson, Caite Zeliff, Kit and Rob DesLaurier and Jess McMillan the Jackson Hole segment. This was his first timing appearing in a Warren Miller film.


Cam FitzPatrick on location in Jackson Hole with the Warren Miller Film crew. PC: Ian Anderson


 No More “S” Word:

  • Cam and Amie talk about Cam’s other talents: mixing delicious cocktails, the local bartending business he recently started with his partner and the definition of a “sloshy”.
  • Cam gives his best advice to future business owners and he tells Amie his best DIY drink recipe. Spoiler: honey simple syrup + tequila or vodka + bitters + lime.
  • From there, Cam talks about how important it is for him to stay organized and to be on time and what he explains why he’d give the world a day off if he was in charge for the day.
  • After that, the two discuss their mutual love for the ocean, why it is most pro skiers and snowboarders would lead alternate lives as beach bums, and Cam tells the story of when he accidentally swam with eels.
  • Cam goes on to talk about the highs of rescuing his pug puppy Pep and starting his new business as well as the low of supporting a friend going through a loss.
  • To close it out, Cam tells Amie about the time in 4th grade when he had to have a hip replacement and about how much rafting the Grand Canyon and running rivers with his family at a young age impacted him.


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