Name a person who inspires you to be a better skier/rider?
Travis Rice, Willie Mcmillon and Rob Kingwill

In lieu of our 70th film, what’s your most memorable or favorite Warren Miller film or segment – past or present?
I've been watching Warren Miller movie for a long time. There's been so many amazing segments and films throughout the year but I think my favorite memorable segment was with Rob Kingwill and Julie Zell in Alaska. The film was called "Cold Fusion".

What would you do if you won the lottery?
Oh boy! That's a tough one. I would definitely travel as much as I could and invest.

Best meal you can cook?
I love to grill so either burgers or steaks of some sort.

Favorite chairlift and why?
The Tram at JHMR. You have so much side-country access from the top and you have crazy top to bottom terrain within the resort gates. The opportunities are endless.

The most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this year? (books, podcasts, TV shows)
The New Season of "Stranger Things!"

Fictitious character you most identify with from a book, movie, etc. and why?
I've always been a fan of superman. Would love to be able to fly someday haha!

Highlight memory from filming with WME for this year's film?
Just being able to film with this amazing production. The whole film and athlete team was one of the best crews I've ever worked with. Also, being able to be out in the mountains with Tom Day was a highlight.

Gear you are loving right now, on or off the ski slopes, and why?
Absolutely loving Blenders Eyewear right now. They're based out of San Diego and have an awesome vision/company. Highly recommend checking them out!

What is a cause you care about that you'd love to share with the Warren Miller audience?
I've had the pleasure of working with a local nonprofit that helps people with brain and spinal cord injuries get back to activities they love. It's called "Watershed Jackson." Love sharing the importance of wearing a helmet to the youth audience as well.

Do you have any sponsors, if yes, who?
Blenders Eyewear, JHMR, Bluebird Wax, Avalon 7, Stio, Teton Thai, Insta 360, Teton Sports Club