Articles by Connor W. Davis

Before skiing and snowboarding were skiing and snowboarding as we know them—with lodges, lifts, grooming, and all those other fancy-schmancy luxuries—there was a very important place in Central Vermont called Gilbert’s Hill. The place that... more

I don’t care where you’re coming from.

January 30th, 2018.

The 2018 Winter Games are right around the corner and all of your favorite household names are gearing up to hit the world stage. But, in the background, thousands of other competitors are hoping to disrupt viewers’ expectations and achieve... more

Winter is underway, the holidays are donezo, and now it’s time for you to take a good, hard look at your gear closet to see what’s missing. Sure, a shiny new pair of skis or a fresh board would be nice. Really nice. But, staying budget-... more

Way up high in Northwestern Wyoming, where the mountains make the rules and animals outnumber humans, there’s a place called Beartooth Basin Summer Ski Area.

When you watch the new Warren Miller Entertainment film, Line of Descent, presented by Volkswagen, you’ll notice a new character by the name of Ty... more

When you ask someone about the place they live, it’s not all that common for them to light up with joy. They’ll say things like, “It’s nice, but…” Or, “I like it here, except for...”

From SnoWorld #66