Articles by Sally Francklyn

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, because it means winter is coming. The weather has cooled a little, ski magazines start releasing their gear guides, and we’re all dreaming about the winter ahead. The most important factor in getting... more

I have been to India twice before. I skied in the Himalya, and earlier last fall I was there for a volunteering trip, working with kids rescued from the slave trade. We brought them bicycles and taught them them how to maintain... more

Billy Poole, a Warren Miller Entertainment athlete who passed away in 2008 while filming in Utah's Big Cottonwood Canyon, was honored last weekend in Montana.

Jenn Berg is sweet. Like, want-to-pinch-her-cheeks sweet. But her skiing is anything but. For example, she only rides men’s skis: the Volkl Kuro, taller than she is, at 185 cms long.