WME's World Premiere of "...Like There's No Tomorrow"

The kickoff to the 2011 film tour season, WME's world premiere was a sold-out success at SLC's Abravnel Hall.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, because it means winter is coming. The weather has cooled a little, ski magazines start releasing their gear guides, and we’re all dreaming about the winter ahead. The most important factor in getting us psyched for winter? Ski movie premieres.

TGR, Matchstick, Sweetgrass and of course, Warren Miller Entertainment, all launch their newest project in the fall. Some are two-year projects, some fit the typical stoke-film mold, some completely miss the mark. But it’s no matter, because skiers in ski towns and major metro cities all over the country, come in droves to watch winter on the big screen , all for one purpose—to get stoked for ski season.

The world premiere for Warren Miller Entertainment’s ...Like There’s No Tomorrow was no different. Since it was the first show of the WME touring season, as well as the world premiere, athletes, media and the general public flocked to Abravanel Hall in downtown Salt Lake City to catch the latest installment of ski porn. Jonny Moseley, Hugo Harrison, Julian Carr, Rachael Burks and many more athletes all attended the sold-out show, ready to speak to media, sign autographs, and watch the movie.

The movie follows these athletes and more to far-flung places like New Zealand, Chile, and Norway to document powder, sunshine, and skiing across the world. Searching for deep powder, perfect kickers, and steep lines, athletes and cameramen often hike for hours to get the perfect shot. This footage, compiled from many months of filming, is boiled down into one sleekly edited movie, set to an energetic soundtrack. And after attending the world premiere, one thing’s for sure—the excitement was palpable, and the crowd was buzzing with energy. Mission: accomplished.

To see photos from the evening, click here.