Where would you like to ski that you haven’t been to before?
There are so many places that I would like to ski that I have never been before. After visiting Greenland this past winter, that trip peaked my interest in going to Iceland. Greenland was amazing and it was really fascinating to be in a totally different culture than I have ever been in before. The environment as well was incredibly beautiful, but harsh. The trip definitely really made me want to explore more. Through all of the traveling that I have done, however, my home in the Sierras is where I would really like to spend more and more time. Even though I live here, there is so much I haven't seen. I would love to become familiar with the mountains around me in California and Nevada.

Who has been the biggest influence to you in your ski career?
Shane McConkey continues to inspire me and to influence me regularly. He was someone who I looked up to before he passed and continue to look up to. Ingrid Backstrom has always been a hero of mine as well as Eric Pollard. Eric is an incredibly diverse athlete outside of skiing with his art. JP Auclair, as well, has always been a great influence to my skiing and career.

Where is your absolute favorite spot for après-ski?
The Wildflower Bakery in Squaw Valley is my favorite apres spot! I love rejuvenating with some good food after a long day on the hill. In Squaw, that's where you'll find me if I'm not skiing hanging with a bunch of monkeys and goof balls!

What is the worst skiing injury you have ever had?
The worst injury that I have ever had would be my last knee injury. I blew my ACL, meniscus, medial patella femoral ligament, and had micro fracture to heal the cartilage damage. It took two surgeries to fix and a lot of rehab. This injury was a blessing in disguise, however, and I learned a ton from it. It was a very mental recovery. I have no problem spending the time to recover physically and putting in long days at PT, but the mental aspect of this injury was definitely a fun challenge to overcome.

What is something you wish you had more time for outside of skiing?
Climbing and mountain biking! I absolutely love my summer activities and climbing and mountain biking are two of my favorite sports outside of skiing. I love pretty much anything outdoors and these two sports have been super fun to take on with a beginners mind. I also love doing yoga, but I can do yoga in the winter too.