"Boots Over Brim" - Featuring Amie Engerbretson

A few winters back Amie and her dad were showing off their dance moves at the Cowboy bar in Jackson, WY. Their footwork got fancy as they started throwing inverted dance moves. Within moments the bouncer promptly kicked them out saying “No boots over the brim!” A film concept was born that day. Boots Over Brim follows Amie Engerbretson, a professional skier (and longtime Warren Miller athlete) and classically trained dancer, as she dips in and out of a dreamy western dance scene and ski lines in Wyoming, Nevada, and Alaska. Breaking all the rules of a classic ski film, Boots Over Brim pairs two of Amie’s great loves with a soundtrack exclusively set to the electrifying country music of Paul Cauthen.

Skiing is an art. Full of connection, grace, touch and style. To Amie, skiing is a dance.