Through The Decades: 1990's With Warren Miller

"Through The Decades" explores 70 years of cinematic breakthroughs, history making, comedic genius, athletic feats, standout moments and the pure joys of celebrating winter with Warren Miller films.


1990's: Jonny Moseley makes his debut

Before he became the official WME narrator, Jonny Moseley was a budding mogul skier, claiming the Olympic gold in 1998. He made his WME debut in the 1996 "Snowriders," and then was featured again in 1999 with "Fifty."  


 1990 (Extreme Winter) and 1992 (Steeper and Deeper): Zudnick the Skiing Husky

Zudnick the "skiing" (and driving) husky appears on Warren's radar and becomes an instant phenomenon.  



Steeper and Deeper (1992): New Technology

Warren pushes the boundaries of 1990's technology, inventing "the first GoPro," aka, a Bolex 16mm camera strapped to a skier.


1990's: New Film Locations

WME continues to explore the globe, filming in unexpected locations like Antarctica (1990 - Extreme Winter), India (1994 - Vertical Reality), Bolivia (1995 - Endless Winter) and Kazakhstan (1997 - Snowriders 2). 




1990's: More Shenanigans

1991: Born to Ski - Skydiving snowboarder



1997: Snowriders 2 - Snow Kayaking



1998: Freeriders - Skiing Nuns 


1999: Fifty - Skydiving Skier


Fifty (1999)

WME celebrates 50 years of filmmaking. Current film Producer Josh Haskins works on the film as an intern. Today, Haskins runs the entire film production department.  


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With 70 years years of filmmaking under our belt, Warren Miller Entertainment is thrilled to be releasing our 70th anniversary film, Volkswagen presents Warren Miller's Timelessin fall of 2019. Learn about the film and the 2019 tour here. 

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