Through The Decades: 1970's With Warren Miller

"Through The Decades" explores 70 years of cinematic breakthroughs, history making, comedic genius, athletic feats, standout moments and the pure joys of celebrating winter with Warren Miller films.

 "Any Snow Any Mountain"  (1971)

Cross Country ski racing is featured in the first Warren Miller film. 

The 1970's mark a period of more global exploration for Warren. For the first time, Miller films in exotic locations like Morroco, Israel, Hawaii. While in Hawaii, Warren points out that though skis are changing, it shouldn't impact how much fun someone has. "There's no real, lineal relationship between the length of a ski and the width of a smile." 

"The Color of Skiing" (1974)

The antics and laughable stunts take a whole level and skier Paul Ruff is lit on fire while skiing (he is not harmed). 


"There Comes A Time" (1975)

Warren features Aspen-based skier and Frenchman Jean Eymere, who is blind.

Eymere is credited for having contributed to the "BOLD" (Blind Outdoor Leisure Development) curriculum. The organization still exists today and Warren goes on to feature adaptive skiers and snow lovers in his films regularly. 




"Skiing On My Mind" (1976)

President Ford is featured while skiing in Colorado. 




"Skiing On My Mind" (1976)

The first chimpanzee is filmed skiing. 



"Ski A La Carte" (1978)

The first snowboard-esque device is featured in a Warren Miller film and Miller goes on to help normalize the sport in future years. 


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