Through The Decades: 1960's With Warren Miller

"Through The Decades" explores 70 years of cinematic breakthroughs, history-making, comedic genius, athletic feats and the pure joys of celebrating winter with Warren Miller films.


Ski Racing in the 1960's

 Ski racing was very prevalent in Warren's films during the 1960's. There was a race segment present in every film from that decade.  


Swinging Skis (1960)

Warren attends and films the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, CA. 



Swinging Skis (1960)

Heli-skiing appears for the first time in a Warren Miller film. 



Many Moods of Skiing (1961)

Bobsledding emerges as a segment for the first time in 1961. 



Around the World on Skis (1962)

"I've been lucky over the years in getting first tracks-and getting paid to make 'em. Better yet, I've been able to make first tracks before some of the resorts were even built. In the spring of 1961, I parked my car on a narrow road on the west side of Vail Pass. There I climbed into an army-surplus snowcat that barely held the four of us, and slogged to the top. At the summit, Pete Seibert and I skied part way into the Back Bowls–and that was all it took for me to share Pete's dream. A year later when Vail opened, I shot it for my annual film. My narration as I showed first tracks in the Back Bowls was, "Get out there and buy some of Vail and get a pair of lifetime season passes thrown in for $10,000 because, as Mark Twain once said, 'They ain't gonna make anymore of this.'" - Exerpt from Warren's "Early Bird Special" from SKI Magazine, 2004



 Ski on the Wild Side (1966)

Warren travels to Japan to film. 



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