S3E6: Steven Nyman - Long Underwear Podcast

Goals for the 2019/2020 World Cup, the importance of mentorship, DIY home projects, father-daughter love and that one hilarious (and terrifying) time he guided 10 unprepared kids up the Grand Teton.

For episode 6 of season 3 of the Warren Miller podcast, “Long Underwear”, host Amie Engerbretson sat down with World Cup alpine racer Steven Nyman while the U.S. Ski Team was training up at Copper Mountain in November, 2019. 

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About the Athlete:

Utah native Steven Nyman has raced on the U.S. Ski Team for 17 years and participated in the 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics. Though Nyman raced Slalom in the past, he now specializes in the Downhill discipline and is walking into the 2019/20 World Cup season hungry for some podiums. Nyman says one major highlight in his career was when he won his World Junior gold medal in 2002 while racing Slalom in Torino, Italy and his dad was there to surprise him. Today, he holds three wins in Gardena and the record is four, which he’d like to match this year. He has been in a couple Warren Miller Entertainment films over the years and has one particular memory of being in a super sketchy helicopter in Chile… Before the “S” word is totally eliminated, Steven discusses Fantasy Ski Racer, a spin-off of fantasy football that he has developed and the U.S. Ski Team’s newly implemented mentorship program that has positively impacted Nyman’s own growth as a racer.

Steven Nyman for the 2011 film, "Like There's No Tomorrow".


No More “S” word:

  • Once the no more “s” word rule is put in place, Steven talks about his DIY home improvement projects and why his sensitivity is both a strength and a weakness.
  • Then, Steven explains how the best advice he’s ever received came from his dad: “The grass is always greener where you water it... know what you’re working towards.”
  • After that, Amie asks the question presented by Protect Our WintersWhat would you ask all humans to do to make the world a better place and Steven answers with the simple idea of listening.
  • From there, the two discuss Steven’s alignment with both wolves and buffalos and Steven divulges his love for cats and a particular weather app known as Weather Kitty.
  • Steven then outlines the highs of getting a core workout and mental workout with his two-year-old daughter and the low of never having enough time in one day.
  • Finally, Steven closes with a story about when he agreed to guide 10 kids up the Grand Teton but didn’t have a real plan and madness ensued. It was a nightmare but once they were done, he realized it was amazing...


 Nyman kicked off his World Cup tour in Lake Louise this week and you can follow his World Cup journey at @steven_nyman.  


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