Nominate Your Favorite Super Fan

We're Looking For Warren Miller Superfans to Star in #73!

Do you know a Warren Miller Super Fan? Someone who can tell you the name of the last 30 films? Someone who rallies your crew every fall see the movie in the theater and get amped for winter? Someone whose devotion to skiing or snowboarding was born in that theater?

This March, we're going to surprise one lucky Super Fan at their home mountain, and film them for the movie alongside Marcus Caston — and we need YOU to tell us who we should pick. Is it your partner? Your kid? Your best friend? Your boss?

Tell us who we should pick and why in the fields below, include any photos or videos that prove this person, and KEEP IT A SECRET — this is supposed to be a surprise! (Also, don't nominate your boss. No one wants to go skiing with that guy.)