Montucky Clear CUT Returning In January 2022

Montucky Clear CUT is bringing the wolf pack back together!


Maybe you've spotted the occasional Alpine Carver out at your local ski hill. They use narrow boards, they go fast, and they turn with purpose. But, as David Redman told us, "They're kind of the lone wolfs out at their ski areas." That's why, every year, Redman organizes the Montucky Clear CUT at Montana's Tuner Mountain.  

Tuner Mountain, where Redman grew up snowboarding, is a not for profit, all volunteer managed and operated ski hill. In 2019 he launched the Montucky Clear CUT event to support the mountain, boost tourism in the local community of Libby, and promote the sport of Alpine Carving. 100% of registration dollars go directly to Turner Mountain, and the money raised from the sponsor raffle is donated to the volunteer ski patrol. In return, the alpine carvers get the whole mountain - all 2,110 vertical feet of it - to themselves for 4 days. The MCC is now the largest fundraising event that supports Turner Mountain and Libby, and, as Redman told us, "With this event, we are able to get (Alpine Carvers) here into the wolf pack." 

Montucky Clear CUT stands for: 

  • Montucky  = Beautiful North West Montana
  • Clear = Clear slopes! Not many people, just carvers and their friends/family. No Passing (so you do not have to worry about getting hit from behind. With the entire ski area, this is a carver exclusive event, not open to general public)
  • CUT = Carving Up Turner

The fouth annual Montucky Clear CUT is just around the corner on January 31 - February 3, 2022. Registration is now open until January 23rd. Click here to sign up and find out more, and make sure to follow on Facebook and Instagram for updates.