Interview with Grass Skiing Icon Connery Lundin

For this years film, we decided to film "The Ultimate Run." Well - 'The Ultimate Run - Grass Skiing'. There was only one person we could think of who would be rad enough to do it... A real grass skiing icon. Yep, Connery Lundin is that icon, and he went all the way to Switzerland, mid summer, to film. We caught up with Connery to get the down-low on all things grass, gear and cheese.  

Q: Connery - you’re a seasoned ski film pro, you’ve been all around the world. What was your response when you got the call for this year’s grass-skiing segment in Switzerland?   
A: I immediately said YES not really knowing what I signed up for. But I was committed. After watching some videos I quickly realized fun and dangerous this was going to be. 
Q: Was there a time in your life that you ever aspired to be, or envisioned yourself becoming one of the biggest names in grass skiing?
A: Like any sport, grass skiing has a history. But until now, no one has been dumb enough to take grass skis off piste… until me. What can I say, it’s easy being the best extreme grass skier when you’re the only one!
Q: Walk us through how grass skiing compares to snow skiing. And how do those skis work?
A: Grass skiing is like snow skiing, only way more dangerous. It feels like rollerblading down a mountain biking trail. Bumpy, fast and exhilarating. Turning is more difficult and stopping is near impossible. I swear it’s fun though!
Q: Jorts, knee pads, helmet. Any other necessary gear?
A: Water, to dunk your grass skis! Soaking grass skis in water is the equivalent to waxing. 
Q: In the segment, it looks like you took a couple diggers. What does grass taste like?
A: The grass in Switzerland is of the highest quality, and pretty tasty. The cows like it more than I do.
Q: What should the world know about your upcoming segment in the new Warren Miller film?
A: We had so much fun with this one. Big thanks to Chris Patterson, Aschi, Colin, Josh Haskins, Tim Jones and everyone else involved. We hope this segment makes you laugh!

Rapid Fire Round: 

Q: Favorite type of grass?
A: Freshly cut, lightly sprinkled. 
Q: Best season in switzerland... Winter or summer?
A: Winter for sure.
Q: Biggest air?
A: Probably my backflip attempt that didn’t exactly pan out. 
Q: Cheese? 
A: I don’t discriminate when in Switzerland, it’s all tasty.
Q: Would you do it again?
A: Absolutely. I have such fond memories from our time in Switzerland filming this segment. The people, the food, the views, it was amazing. Plus, the progression of extreme grass skiing is just getting started!
Q: Best reaction from a Swiss local?
A: Easy. The two girls at the end of this video!
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