Behind the Scenes: Madison Rose

Halfway up the Sublette chair at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, geeking out and laughing about how incredible skiing is, I was serendipitously interrupted by a vibration in my chest pocket. I peeked at the screen and answered the phone call -- not knowing it would be the best interruption I could have ever asked for. Between the poor reception, chairlift chatter, and resort ambience, it became very hard to hear anything but a few crucial and intoxicating words: 

“Madison...Warren Miller film...”

I muted my phone so I could pee my pants and squeal loudly while jiggling up and down on the chairlift. I tried my hardest to answer calmly, while firecrackers exploded from the inside of my brain to the heavens. Only 10 minutes after finishing the call, my Helly Hansen teammate Jimmi Ryan called me,  

“Well Mads?” he chirped nonchalantly.

Jimmi already knew. And just like good friends do, he waited for me to explode in glee and hysterically tell him the news like he hadn’t heard it before.

Photos & copy provided by Madison Rose