Arne Backstrom Memorial Fund

Supporting and promoting outdoor opportunities and education for disadvantaged youth.

“It should be encouraging to all that the smoothest, best skiers on the mountain are almost always the older guys and gals who have perfected the art of matching speed and turn shape with snow and terrain. With the right amount of power and control, skiing is low impact, a great workout, and can be practiced for a lifetime. I plan to do so, but my biggest concern is rising temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns. Most skiers have already noticed that things are getting weird, with feast-or-famine snow years and wild weather. Though it may make for a great season here and there, it’s disturbing and indicates that we need to change our ways so that our sport may continue in as many places as possible. Skiers have special incentive to do their part with responsible energy consumption and helping the environmental movement gain momentum.” --Arne Backstrom Because of Arne's commitment to both the environment and disadvantaged youth, the Arne Backstrom Memorial Fund promises to support and promote outdoor opportunities and education for disadvantaged youth. By donating to the memorial fund, you can too. Visit