Featured Athlete: Tommy Moe



Favorite music to ride to: 

John Butler Trio, Mad Season

Who is your greatest influence in life?
My Dad, he always supported me skiing and loved it himself!

What is the one thing you look forward to most after a long day on the Mountain?
One thing I look forward to after Heli-skiing is at The Tordrillo Mountain Lodge we have 8 person sauna and an ice plunge into the lake. It's great to sweat it out and then stretch your legs and back and get ready for the next day!

What is the key piece of gear you will never go on the mountain without?
Comfortable ski boots!

How do you say in shape for skiing in the off-season?
I stay in shape in off season by Mountain Biking, stand up paddle boarding, waterskiing, rafting, fishing and running around with my two daughter's Taylor and Taryn.

What was the highlight of filming Ticket To Ride in the Tordrillos?
I think the highlight of filming with team K2 this spring was going to Capps Cirque. I have skied the area for years and love it, but Pep, Andy, Shawn and Seth all found new lines farther up the valley, it was full of serac's and super big terrain!