Five Question Interview: Lexi duPont

The up and coming big mountain athlete on polar bears, big mountain comps, and her first filming experience with Warren Miller Entertainment.

Lexi duPont, flew back from China for the premiere of Wintervention in Boulder, Colorado. DuPont, a Warren Miller athlete and University of Colorado student, has been on a semester at sea program. She hadn’t seen any of the footage, not even a trailer, because the internet on the massive ship she was sharing with several hundred students had spotty service. Needless to say, she was pretty excited to see herself on screen for the first time.

duPont, of Sun Valley, Idaho, is humble in the face of success. She attributes her recent pro-freeskier status to timing and several supportive women. She’s been surrounded by influential and aggressive female freeskiers since she was born. Lexi’s mom, Holley duPont, was the first woman in the world to do a backflip on skis. Lynsey Dyer was her babysitter, and last year she lived with Subaru Freeskiing World Tour athlete, Jacqui Edgerly. She told us about switching from racing to freesking, and what it sounds like to hear your own voice in a movie theater.-Leah Fielding

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