Five Minute Interview: Leo Ahrens

Youngster Leo Ahrens is making quite the name for himself. The teenager has been featured in Powder Magazine’s The Draft, and he spent his winter skiing everywhere from his hometown in Utah to South America. We snagged him while in La Parva, Chile participating in the Eye of the Condor contest. Here’s what he had to say about his future goals, school, and filming with Warren Miller.

Is this your first time filming with WME?


What other athletes did you film with?

We had a solid crew. Sammy Cohen, Carlo Taverelli, Ben Wheeler, and Brant Moles.

What were the conditions like?

They were so good! It’s Utah, what else would you expect?!

What was your favorite part about this experience?

Working with (cameraman) Tom Day was awesome. It was really cool to have such a high-tech camera to work with, and the guy who knows how to  use it.

What should we look for in your segment?

I'm hoping the segment is a mix of all of us throwing down together!

You’re only 18. What are your goals for the future?

I've actually been thinking about that a lot lately. I want to bring something new and fresh to the ski industry. Going beyond just being a good skier is important to me—I want to be a part of the film production and push for cool new contests and events.

You just graduated high school. What’s that feel like?

I graduated this past fall and now I'm dedicated to traveling for a while. It’s looking like I'm going to take a year off before I sit down in a desk again.

Do you think you will film with WME again?

If I had the opportunity, I would be stoked!

What are your plans for the rest of the summer/next winter?

I'm down in South America right now for the summer skiing and surfing. I'll be competing in a couple competitions down here and traveling all over Chile and Argentina. I have a lot of big plans for next winter but you'll just have to wait to see!


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