10 Things You Missed From The Long Underwear Podcast

With two seasons in the books, we're diving into the podcast archive to bring you ten of the best podcast moments you may have missed from our pro athlete guests.

Host and professional skier Amie Engerbretson went beyond the ski stories with 16 athletes over two seasons of "Long Underwear" to bring listeners both fun and funny tales from the lives of professional skiers and snowboarders that have nothing to do with sliding on snow.

Here are 10 things you may have missed, in no particular order. 

#1 - Jonny Moseley hosted SNL in 2002. |  S2 E7: Jonny Moseley

“Right before I went out to give the monologue … the door flys open and in comes Lorne Michaels and the director. They are running me through the script at a hurried pace and are not approving of what I am doing, so all of a sudden I was like what the h*** I thought I was ready to go … if you watch the opening, I did it pretty well, but I eat some words and I miss some inflections … But, I wasn't really that nervous. It was right on the heels of the '02 Olympics and if you ever work your way up into an Olympics it is the most nerve-wracking experience and I was just so happy to be done with that.” - JM


#2 - Lexi duPont wants to retrace the flight of her aunt down the Amazon. | S2 E2: Lexi duPont

“For the last two years, I have been chipping away at my private pilot license. I have this really crazy goal to refly Alice's flight down the Amazon in the next 3 years ... she did it when she was 22 years old ... she left from Florida and went to Rio. And, she was in a float plane ... she had a paper map and a compass and she flew the Amazon. The first woman to do it and was sponsored by PanAm and LIFE magazine covered the entire journey." - LD


#3 - Olympic gold medalist Jessie Diggins has been downhill skiing only 10 times in her life. | S1 E8: Jessie Diggins 

“Cross-country was invented by Vikings … as a mode of transportation for going “across the country”… there are two techniques “classic” and “skating”… I think what people don’t always realize is in our sport we go uphill but we also go downhill … This year I clocked 76 km/hr.” -JD


#4 - Dash Longe is a twin and describes how quantum entanglement connects them. | S1 E5: Dash Longe  

“We definitely have a connection ... we do really similar things halfway across the globe ... we go thru similar phases in developmental things in life, we always have ... we have these realizations about the world we'll talk about later ... you've discovered that very similar mentality or thought process that I have in a completely different way, in a different part of the world, doing something totally different, and talking to different people.” -DL


#5 - Jim Ryan explains the difference of living on both out East and in the West and what growing up in Vermont teaches you. S1 E7: Jim Ryan

"Vermont is this beautiful place where you learn this incredible appreciation for the mountains, and how much fun it can be. How you can develop friendships with mountains ...  [Vermont] teaches you that and then you go find bigger mountains. [Vermont] has great recycling. Vermonters really care about Vermont and the earth ... you take care of it, you take care of your place. I love that about Vermonters and they take care of each other, and its the [same] thing I describe about Jackson."


#6 - The initiation of a Captain involves biting the nose off the first catch of the season. | S2 E4: McKenna Peterson

“Last year was the first year as full captain ... In my area, the type of fishing that I do is called seining there are three women ... The best part is just being up in Southeast Alaska. We fish such long hours that I see every sunrise and every sunset. And, they're gorgeous and peaceful. Actual catching fish, making the right decision and the right move, and actually catching feels so good.” -MP


#7 - There is an art to teepee pitching. | S2 E1: Scot Schmidt

I can pitch a mean teepee… poles are one of the critical parts of the teepee, it’s lodgepole pine, they have to be certain diameter, certain height, certain everything… pitching a teepee properly and getting it tight, and not have it laying on the ground- there’s an art to it.” - SS


#8 - Forrest Jillson explains the best date should involve a dutch oven. | S1 E3: Forrest Jillson

 “The perfect date probably has to be outside and involve a dutch oven. I went on a solo camping trip overnight once in the Gros Ventre Range in the middle of the summer ... and had some of the best food in my dutch oven. I don't know what, or how I did it, it was like potatoes and steak … but it was the best food I've ever had ...” -FJ


#9 - What Baja racing is all about, plus you may just run into Laird Hamilton (or him into you).  | S2 E8: JT Holmes

“I've actually been a desert racer my entire life. My dad and my uncle got into it in the early 80s, by the time I was 11 and 12 I was sitting in the navigator's seat and when I was 16 I started to drive. We were racing Volkswagen beetles back then ... now I have my own race car its an RZR … there's everything in Baja, we have mountains, beaches, sandy beaches, rocky beaches, hot brutal desert sections with cactus, and dust, and silt and very challenging conditions... it's all about that mid-November Baja 1000 that's the pinnacle of it all.” -JH


#10 - We have a BONUS episode this season! Don't miss Amie's interview with her dad in honor of Father's Day. And find out how her dad helped shape her ski career. | BONUS EPISODE: Father's Day with Jeff Engerbretson

  “My dad has basically taught me everything I know and love about skiing.” -AE

Amie Engerbreston on SKI California magazine


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